A 360° Approach to Realistic and Effective Wellness

We provide a comprehensive approach to helping patients begin – and maintain – a healthy lifestyle routine in partnership with their physician.

Our 12 week program is based on scientifically proven strategies and methods created by our Medical and PhD experts.

Advanced Assessment

Most people are unaware they are at risk of having a heart attack or stroke.2,8

We use the most advanced methods available today to provide a cardiometabolic risk score for patients. It is scientifically proven to generate test results that can be used to improve and preserve your health.7

Optimized Nutrition

Our program was created by experts who spent years researching why most other wellness programs fail.

We incorporated key elements to ensure our patients can easily begin their new healthy eating routine and stick with it. This is not a weight loss program or a diet plan. It is a healthy eating program that provides delicious nutritious foods patients will enjoy. Our proprietary ingredients are clinically proven to rehabilitate a patient’s metabolism, suppress appetite, and increase serotonin levels.6 Our meals are designed by nutritionists, prepared by professional chefs, and conveniently delivered to your home.  

You will receive a food plan, guides to healthy eating, recipes and tutorials for how to easily prepare simple and nutritious foods on your own as well. 

Personalized Exercise

Our experts in Exercise Physiology created our unique program which is customized to each patient’s current physical abilities.

Specific goals are created to ensure the exercise approach is attainable and realistic.

Each patient receives step-by-step tutorials on how to do each step.

We can help you get started and stick with it – no matter where you currently are in your fitness.

Mindset System

A healthy lifestyle starts in our minds. How we think and our behaviors drive healthy, or unhealthy lifestyle choices. Our PhD experts extensively researched the most common barriers that patients face when embarking upon a healthy lifestyle journey.

Our program provides the support and education patients need to make meaningful changes in how they approach each day. Community support groups are available for patients to connect with others on the program and share experiences.

We provide specific tactics and proven methods on how to navigate through common barriers to ensure you are successful.

For Patients

Getting your health back on track is made easy with our step-by-step daily approach.

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For Physicians

Easy to integrate, administer and manage cardiometabolic risk.

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For Employers

Focus on a healthy lifestyle for your employees, which may reduce chronic health risks and limit healthcare costs for your company.

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For Insurers

Preventative health approach identifying employees at risk for developing chronic conditions.

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