Our Program Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle to Help People Live Healthy Lives

Our Mission is to provide the best products and services available in Wellness, which have been shown to reduce patients risk of a heart attack or stroke.

We aim to elevate Physicians’ practices by providing an easy-to-integrate, comprehensive approach that allows them to help more patients get healthier.

Our Story

For years, our team has been building successful companies that exist at the forefront of medical science. We’ve combined this with a deep compassion for and holistic understanding of the patient journey.  Dynamic Glucose was born out of our journey directly experiencing how fractured and flawed the offerings for patients and physicians in tackling the complex challenge of pre-diabetes, diabetes and cardiac health truly were, and compelled us to come together to reimagine how it might be done.

Today Dynamic Glucose includes some of the world’s leading scientists, doctors, and healthcare/technology executives. We offer the most powerful and accessible end-to-end program to allow patients and physicians to jointly achieve immediate results and lasting good health.

Our Team

Functional Medicine Expert

He has over 20 years experience in preventative health methods.

PhD in Integrative Physiology

He is well published in multiple scientific journals.

PhD in Behavioral Medicine

He is an expert in Nutritional Therapy and published author of leading healthy lifestyle strategies books.

Data Scientist and Harvard MBA

He has invested into fifty technology companies in the United States and internationally.

Technology Entrepreneur

He has 20 yrs experience of building successful technology companies.

Senior Software Engineer

He has worked extensively with the European space program.

For Patients

Getting your health back on track is made easy with our step-by-step daily approach.

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For Physicians

Easy to integrate, administer and manage cardiometabolic risk.

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For Employers

Focus on a healthy lifestyle for your employees, which may reduce chronic health risks and limit healthcare costs for your company.

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For Insurers

Preventative health approach identifying employees at risk for developing chronic conditions.

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